Turn a pile of stones or recycled materials into a beautiful gabion

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Gabions by the water

Create a flower-bed, fence, garbage housing, elevation...

Flower bed
Flower bed
Storied flower bed

Why gabions?

Gabion on the lawn, by the driveway

It's natural and simple way to create beautiful elements blended into landscape. Environmentally friendly and charming. It is also a clever way of waste management.

If you don't like to paint, impregnate, wash, or follow other manufacturer's recommendations. If you like ecology, durability, beauty, then gabions are for you.

Why choose 41set gabions?

Layered gabion filling

There are no other gabions as strong and durable as 41set. Highest quality, suitable stiffness of the grid and the optimal arrangement of bracing elements are the guarantee of keeping the right form. The anti-corrosion protection by hot dip galvanizing (in accordance to EN1461) lasts up to 100 years.

Design online, without installing, in 3 easy steps.

Design board Click and drag to create top view
Height choice Choose height
Gabion visualisation See your gabion

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You don't need any special tools to assemble 41set gabions and most of the assembly activities are done using bare hands. All elements should be small enough to fit into estate car.

Watch a short assembly video


Thanks to a number of accessories you can take care of the stability of construction by attaching it to the existing elements or choosing the internal construction option. In that case we will prepare a set elements that will protect it

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